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Sales Marketing Automation Software CRM

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EzyTise is an Integrated Set-of-Tools - Using AI driven CRM AUTOMATION LOGIC to NURTURE your leads, and Automatically Follow Up with your Prospects, Existing Customers, Internal Communication, Reminders using the following Functionality:

SMS/Emails Campaigns, Pipeline Management, Webchat, Online Calendar Booking System, Sales Funnels, Websites, Forms, Surveys, Reputation Management, GMB, Instagram, Facebook, Google Ad, Shopify,,, and more....

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Our revolutionary Sales and Marketing Automation System has helped many sales oriented organizations and local small businesses like yours grow their sales revenue exponentially by efficiently managing their Leads Nurture and prospecting effort achieving a higher ROI towards new customers acquisition.

  • All-In-One CRM Platform with built-in marketing campaign sequences
  • 2-Way SMS and eMail marketing campaigns with automated responses
  • Sales Funnels, Websites, Tracking, Conversions, Re-Targeting,,, more.

Our objective is to help you implement sales & marketing automation initiatives, strategies to take your business revenue and profits to the next level using our Software.

Automate Your Workflows!

Ready To Use Templates!!!

AI Logic Automation Templates For your Marketing Campaigns, Customer Retention, Re-Engagement, Follow Ups, Reminders, Notifications...

Workflows Automation is The MOST Powerful addition to your business and will SAVE you TIME making your daily activity more Efficient and more Productive.

Implement Your Own Customized Marketing Strategies

Capture leads from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other Social Media Platforms than Automatically add new prospects to your already built in automation outreach sequences.

This type of prospecting strategies allows you to SCALE beyond your traditional way to prospect for new business. Our Software is designed to apply logic to qualify and identify your best Avatar to acquire as New Customers than implement retention and upsell strategies to increase your sales revenue and achieve a much higher ROI.

Workflow & CRM Automation System

Reports & Trend Analytics

Generate Sales and Production Reports for each of your sales team members. Understand where your opportunities are to maximize your revenue. Never lose another lead and increase close ratio. Get cost analysis from your Facebook Ads, Google Analytics to better qualify your leads.

Retain and engage new customers for long lasting and well nurtured relationship. Cross sell your existing customer base and generate more sales using our proven referral and reputation marketing growth strategy.

Companies with the EzyTise Advantage

Chosen by brands large and small...

"Patrick and team have done a tremendous job with this. I have used other CRM software, but EzyTise is much more! The sales marketing platform is tremendous in managing multiple sales campaigns. Our phone was ringing "off the hook" after starting a cold email outreach campaign. Great prospecting tool to manage our sales pipeline and automate follow ups and online calendars. Also, the 1:1 onboarding support was impressive in getting us up and running."

Steve Woodworth - AZ

President of Agent Associations

Canyon Land Insurance

With over 25 years in B2B space, EzyTise was an instant yes for me because of its simplicity, how it integrates various forms of communications with a lead but more importantly, how it can automate as much as possible the prospecting, follow up, task assignments, etc. The mobile app took it to another level by allowing my sales managers to respond in real time with webchat/emails/TXT, enter new opportunities and follow up with important tasks while on the go. Once we implemented EzyTise, we started capturing leads immediately using their chat widget. It’s a full sales marketing automation system, much more than a basic CRM. All I can say, it connects all the dots. If you are looking to manage a predictable sales pipeline, I highly recommend EzyTise

Sandro Esposito - TX

Sale & Marketing VP

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry

"I have been on several different CRM/Automation type platforms and they were either A) Too restrictive and/or not fully customizable or B) customizable but difficult to learn. The more I dive into EzyTise, the more I like it! I love the ability to customize absolutely ANYTHING! It's exactly what we needed! The ability to have as many separate pipelines with as many workflows with the ability to have WON/LOST workflows and AUTOMATE based on the client journey through distinct pipelines. Well done EzyTise, well done!"

Cameron Brown - AZ

Agency Owner & Principal

Insurance Brokers of Arizona

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upload your customers contact list and use built in html email templates and sequences to promote your products, services, events and referrals

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What Is Real-Time Marketing Automation

Insurance Agencies
August 21, 20225 min read

Marketing automation is the process of automating marketing tasks such as email & SMS marketing, social media marketing, and targeted ads. Real-time marketing is the process of automating marketing tasks in real-time, such as responding to prospects' inquiries as they happen. Together, marketing automation and real-time marketing make up real-time workflow marketing automation. This allows businesses to automate their tedious tasks and grow their sales revenue on auto-pilot.

1. What Workflow Marketing Automation is?

Workflow marketing automation is the process of automating your marketing tasks and processes. This can include everything from automated email sequences to lead capture and lead nurturing. The benefits of workflow marketing automation are many, but the most important is that it allows you to free up your time so that you can focus on other areas of your business. It can also help to improve your customer relationships by ensuring that your communications are timely and relevant. In addition, workflow marketing automation can help to improve your conversion rates by making it easier for prospects to take the next step in the sales process. Ultimately, workflow marketing automation provides a number of benefits that can help to improve your bottom line.

EzyTise Sales & Marketing Workflow Automation

2. How Marketing Automation Works?

Automated marketing sequences are workflow automations that send a specific series of emails and/or SMS to leads (or contacts) over a period of time. Typically, these email campaigns are designed to nurture leads and move them through the sales funnel. For example, a lead nurture sequence might consist of an initial welcome email, followed by a series of educational emails that provide more information about the product or service. Finally, the sequence would end with a call-to-action (CTA) email that encourages the lead to make a purchase. Marketing automation can be an extremely effective way to nurture leads and boost sales, but it's important to create a well-designed campaign that aligns with your business goals. Otherwise, you risk bombarding leads with irrelevant content.

EzyTise Sales Funnel Marketing Automation

3. Benefits of Real-Time Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a tool that can save businesses time and money while also improving the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Automation allows businesses to set up triggers that automatically send marketing messages to customers or prospects based on their interactions with the company. For example, if a customer abandons an online shopping cart, the business can automatically send them a reminder email. Or, if a prospect clicked on a targeted URL (link), the business can automatically send them a follow up and logical step to keep them engaged. This type of automation can help businesses close more sales and improve customer retention rates. In addition, automation can also help businesses segment their customers and make more personalized marketing messages. By using real-time marketing automation, businesses can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

In this video, I talk about the benefit of using EzyTise as your Sales & Marketing Automation System and how easy is to implement

4. Ways to use marketing workflow automation in your business?

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and optimize your workflow. Marketing workflow automation can help you to streamline your marketing processes, freeing up time and resources that can be better used elsewhere. There are a number of ways to use marketing workflow automation in your business, including:

• Creating automatic tasks and reminders: You can use automation to create tasks and reminders for yourself or your team, ensuring that important tasks are never forgotten.

• Managing leads and customers: Automation can help you to keep track of your leads and customers, providing valuable insights into your marketing funnel and Pipeline

• Analyzing data: By collecting data from your marketing campaigns, you can gain valuable insights into what is working and what isn't

5. The future of marketing workflow automation - what's next for this technology and how it will change the way we do things

Marketing workflow automation is a hot topic in the industry right now. And for good reason - it has the potential to change the way we work. By automating repetitive tasks, we can free up our time to focus on more strategic work. But what's next for this technology?

One thing that is certain is that marketing workflow automation will continue to evolve. The future of workflow automation is likely to include more AI and machine learning, making it even more effective at helping us with our work. In addition, we can expect it to become more user-friendly and accessible, making it easier for everyone to use.

As marketing workflow automation becomes more sophisticated, it will change the way we do things. We will become more efficient and productive

In conclusion:

As sales teams continue to be asked to do more with less, automation will become an increasingly important tool. By automating the mundane and time-consuming tasks, sales professionals can focus on activities that generate revenue. Smart automation solutions not only save time but also provide insights that help sales teams close more deals.

Visit our website to learn more about marketing workflow automation and how it can benefit your business. or call us today to speak to one of our experts. - (480) 442-1468

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Patrick Zerarka, B2B Growth Strategist

Founder, CEO at EzyTise | B2B/B2C Sales Marketing Automation | Sales Pipeline | Lead Nurture | Marketing Messaging Automation | Marketing Strategy Optimization | Sales Performance | Software Development

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What is "Real-Time" Marketing Automation and how to use it? It's all about "Real-Time" response when it comes to prospecting - Opportunity Cost (LOSS) can be avoided now day and it's a LOW hanging fruit for your business. hashtag#realtimemarketing hashtag#marketingautomation hashtag#salesautomation hashtag#realtimeprospecting hashtag#salesmarketingautomation

Patrick Zerarka

Founder, CEO at EzyTise | B2B/B2C Sales Marketing Automation | Workflow & CRM | Sales Pipeline | Lead Nurture | Marketing Messaging Automation | Marketing Strategy Optimization | Sales Performance | Software Development

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